Keep Recycling!

You may have thought, “why bother any more?” With all the news about China refusing to take any more recycling from the U.S., you may have thought it was all going into the landfill anyway. But it’s not! At least here on Oregon’s North Coast. Recology continues to pick up your recycling and they are paying to have it properly recycled. 

They would appreciate a little more cooperation from us, though. Would you believe some people are throwing dirty diapers into the recycling container? And 20% of Recology’s labor cost is spent pulling out plastic bags. 

If you’re not sure what goes in what container, you can find out at this link!

And for your yard waste bin, remember that “if it grows, it goes.” That means you can use it for any vegetable matter, including kitchen waste. But only uncooked plants and no meat or other waste.