From Astoria’s Public Works Department:

After months without storms, Astoria is predicted to receive heavy rain over the next week, beginning today, September 17. For the City of Astoria, this means we need your help to make sure the city’s catch basins and drains are clear. Please check the street drains in front of your house or apartment or where you work to check if the drain is full of dirt, leaves, trash or other debris.

To clean it out yourself, all you need to do is clear out any trash, leaves, grass and other debris from the front of the basin and the nearby area. This will help the debris from going down into the drainage system and clogging it up. If you are unable to safely clean it out yourself, please call 503-325-3524 and notify the Public Works Operations Division.

Although our Maintenance crews are out working on city streets every day and always on the lookout for clogged catch basins, we depend on citizen’s calls to find trouble spots. And if you don’t notice a clogged drain before the rain starts and see your street start flooding, please notify the City. During normal business hours, please call 503-325-3524 and after hours, please call 503-325-4411.

Thank you for helping keep Astoria moving! If you have any questions or concerns, please call Astoria Public Works Operations at (503) 325-3524. www.astoria.or.us

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